PX-Backup installation Helm chart reference

The following table lists the configurable parameters of the PX-Backup Helm chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
persistentStorage Persistent storage for all px-central components ""
persistentStorage.enabled Enable persistent storage false
persistentStorage.storageClassName Provide storage class name which exists ""
storkRequired Scheduler name as stork false
pxcentralDBPassword PX-Central cluster store mysql database password Password1
oidc Enable OIDC for PX-Central and PX-backup for RBAC ""
oidc.centralOIDC PX-Central OIDC ""
oidc.centralOIDC.enabled PX-Central OIDC true
oidc.centralOIDC.defaultUsername PX-Central OIDC username admin
oidc.centralOIDC.defaultPassword PX-Central OIDC admin user password admin
oidc.centralOIDC.defaultEmail PX-Central OIDC admin user email admin@portworx.com
oidc.centralOIDC.keyCloakBackendUserName Keycloak backend store username keycloak
oidc.centralOIDC.keyCloakBackendPassword Keycloak backend store password keycloak
oidc.centralOIDC.clientId PX-Central OIDC client id pxcentral
oidc.centralOIDC.clientSecret PX-Central OIDC client secret dummy
oidc.externalOIDC Enable external OIDC provider ""
oidc.externalOIDC.enabled Enabled external OIDC provider false
oidc.externalOIDC.clientID External OIDC client ID default ""
oidc.externalOIDC.clientSecret External OIDC client secret ""
oidc.externalOIDC.endpoint External OIDC endpoint ""
images PX-Backup deployment images ""
pxbackup Enable PX-Backup ""
pxbackup.enabled Enabled PX-Backup true
pxbackup.orgName PX-Backup organization name default
securityContext Security context for the pod {runAsUser: 1000, fsGroup: 1000, runAsNonRoot: true}
images.pullSecrets Image pull secrets docregistry-secret
images.pullPolicy Image pull policy Always
images.pxcentralApiServerImage.registry API server image registry docker.io
images.pxcentralApiServerImage.repo API server image repo portworx
images.pxcentralApiServerImage.imageName API server image name pxcentral-onprem-api
images.pxcentralApiServerImage.tag API server image tag 1.0.4
images.pxcentralFrontendImage.registry PX-Central frontend image registry docker.io
images.pxcentralFrontendImage.repo PX-Central frontend image repo portworx
images.pxcentralFrontendImage.imageName PX-Central frontend image name pxcentral-onprem-ui-frontend
images.pxcentralFrontendImage.tag PX-Central frontend image tag 1.1.2
images.pxcentralBackendImage.registry PX-Central backend image registry docker.io
images.pxcentralBackendImage.repo PX-Central backend image repo portworx
images.pxcentralBackendImage.imageName PX-Central backend image name pxcentral-onprem-ui-backend
images.pxcentralBackendImage.tag PX-Central backend image tag 1.1.2
images.pxcentralMiddlewareImage.registry PX-Central middleware image registry docker.io
images.pxcentralMiddlewareImage.repo PX-Central middleware image repo portworx
images.pxcentralMiddlewareImage.imageName PX-Central middleware image name pxcentral-onprem-ui-lhbackend
images.pxcentralMiddlewareImage.tag PX-Central middleware image tag 1.1.2
images.pxBackupImage.registry PX-Backup image registry docker.io
images.pxBackupImage.repo PX-Backup image repo portworx
images.pxBackupImage.imageName PX-Backup image name px-backup
images.pxBackupImage.tag PX-Backup image tag 1.0.2
images.postInstallSetupImage.registry PX-Backup post install setup image registry docker.io
images.postInstallSetupImage.repo PX-Backup post install setup image repo portworx
images.postInstallSetupImage.imageName PX-Backup post install setup image name pxcentral-onprem-post-setup
images.postInstallSetupImage.tag PX-Backup post install setup image tag 1.0.4
images.etcdImage.registry PX-Backup etcd image registry docker.io
images.etcdImage.repo PX-Backup etcd image repo bitnami
images.etcdImage.imageName PX-Backup etcd image name etcd
images.etcdImage.tag PX-Backup etcd image tag 3.4.7-debian-10-r14
images.keycloakBackendImage.registry PX-Backup keycloak backend image registry docker.io
images.keycloakBackendImage.repo PX-Backup keycloak backend image repo bitnami
images.keycloakBackendImage.imageName PX-Backup keycloak backend image name postgresql
images.keycloakBackendImage.tag PX-Backup keycloak backend image tag 11.7.0-debian-10-r9
images.keycloakFrontendImage.registry PX-Backup keycloak frontend image registry docker.io
images.keycloakFrontendImage.repo PX-Backup keycloak frontend image repo jboss
images.keycloakFrontendImage.imageName PX-Backup keycloak frontend image name keycloak
images.keycloakFrontendImage.tag PX-Backup keycloak frontend image tag 9.0.2
images.keycloakLoginThemeImage.registry PX-Backup keycloak login theme image registry docker.io
images.keycloakLoginThemeImage.repo PX-Backup keycloak login theme image repo portworx
images.keycloakLoginThemeImage.imageName PX-Backup keycloak login theme image name keycloak-login-theme
images.keycloakLoginThemeImage.tag PX-Backup keycloak login theme image tag 1.0.2
images.keycloakInitContainerImage.registry PX-Backup keycloak init container image registry docker.io
images.keycloakInitContainerImage.repo PX-Backup keycloak init container image repo library
images.keycloakInitContainerImage.imageName PX-Backup keycloak init container image name busybox
images.keycloakInitContainerImage.tag PX-Backup keycloak init container image tag 1.31
images.mysqlImage.registry PX-Central cluster store mysql image registry docker.io
images.mysqlImage.repo PX-Central cluster store mysql image repo library
images.mysqlImage.imageName PX-Central cluster store mysql image name mysql
images.mysqlImage.tag PX-Central cluster store mysql image tag 5.7.22

Last edited: Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021