• Your cluster must be running Stork 2.4 or higher. To install Stork on your Kubernetes cluster, copy and paste the command displayed below the Kubernetes Service radio group.

    curl -fsL -o stork-spec.yaml "https://install.portworx.com/2.8?comp=stork&storkNonPx=true" kubectl apply -f stork-spec.yaml
  • On your cluster, create a secret from your Azure tenant ID, client ID, and client secret, and then set an environment variable for Stork:

    kubectl create secret generic -n kube-system px-azure \
      --from-literal=AZURE_TENANT_ID=<tenant> \
      --from-literal=AZURE_CLIENT_ID=<appId> \
    kubectl set env --from=secret/px-azure deploy/stork -n kube-system

Add the cluster to PX-Backup

  1. From the home page, select Add Cluster:

    Add cluster

  2. On the Add Kubernetes Cluster page, enter the cluster details:

    • The name of the cluster
    • Retrieve the Kubeconfig from your cluster and paste it in the Kubeconfig text frame, or select the Browse button to upload it from a file.
    • Select the Others radio button from the Kubernetes Service radio group

    Enter the cluster details

  3. Select the Submit button

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