Map roles to users and user groups

Follow the procedures in this topic to map roles with existing users and user groups, and to remove the mapped roles from them.

Map roles to users

PX-Backup allows you to map any existing role to a user or user group.

To map roles to users:

  1. From the Role Mapping page -> Add role search box on a user row, type any character of an existing role that you want to map to a user.

    The Add role search box displays all existing roles with the character you typed.

    1. Click the + icon that appears along with a role.

    Map Role to User

    The selected role is added along with the existing roles of a user:

    Mapped Role to User

Map roles to user groups

Before you map roles to user groups, choose the Groups radio button in the Role Mapping page. You can map any existing role to a user group by following the Map roles to users procedure.

The following example image displays a role added to a user group:

Mapped Role to Group

Remove mapped roles from users and user groups

You can remove any role mapped to a user or user group by clicking the x icon on a mapped role:

Remove Mapped Role

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