In GCP, create a GCP role with the following permissions:

  • container.*.get
  • container.*.list
  • compute.snapshots.*
  • compute.disks.*
  • storage.*
  • container.thirdPartyObjects.*
  • container.thirdPartyResources.*

Associate this new GCP role to a service account used on the cluster where you want to install PX-Backup. Save the JSON key for this service account for future reference. Also, select this service account in the node security settings while deploying the cluster where you want to install PX-backup.

Add a GCP cloud account to PX-Backup

Perform the following steps to add a GCP cloud account to PX-Backup:

  1. From the home page, select Settings, Cloud Settings to open the cloud settings page.

    Cloud settings

  2. Select Add New.

    Add a new cloud account

  3. Choose Google Cloud from the drop-down list:

    Choose Google cloud

  4. Populate the fields in the Add Cloud Account page:

    • Create a descriptive account name
    • Paste the content of your JSON key for the service account associated with your GKE cluster, or select the Browse button to upload it from a file.

    Add a Google cloud account

  5. Select the Add button

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